Hyde Park Gate

The Site
The Penthouse Apartment is located on the 7th and 8th floor of the residential building on the Southern edge of the Hyde Park, in the very heart of Kensington, London.

They building was built in the late 19th century (1891-1892), however the extension which accommodates the penthouse was added in 1980’s. The block is almost the same height as surrounding buildings. The penthouse cannot be directly viewed from the street and any glimpses of its structure are only visible within the immediate Conservation Area. There are skylights for the lower spaces built into the floor of the garden room, also not visible from the street.

The surrounding area mostly consists of residential blocks and buildings owned by the embassies of various countries. The apartment is mainly exposed to the West, but windows are oriented to all sides, which secures the all-day long insulation.

The main idea of the apartment is to highlight the existing structure of chimney boxes and convert perception of these elements into a feature that forms and divides spaces, defining the colour pallet and usage of the areas they are present in. The finishes to these elements are mainly Onyx and Aged Mirrors. These two very classic finishes with naturally reach pattern are applied in a simple way in order to create the atmosphere of the classic mansion with a modern touch. The rest of the walls and the interior itself will remain quite settled and homogeneous to boost the importance of the decorative chimney panels.

The apartment consists of 2 levels, where both levels are divided into private and public zones. Lower-level public areas comprise of - Main Lobby double height space with skylight and the staircase, leading to the upper level, Dining Room, Kitchen, guest WC, Utility room and Living room. Private part of the lower level accommodates 1 master and 2 smaller bedrooms with adjacent private bathrooms. Bedrooms are arranged around the main square corridor with the centred sky light feature. Upper level comprises gym/spa area, with dedicated private terrace, storage, guest WC, housekeeper’s brake room with adjacent shower room and the open space living area with the master terrace divided into dining and lounge zones.

Project Details
Under Construction
London, UK
630 m²
Enguenuiti, DSA engineering, Savills