Class-A Office

This office building with underground car park is located in centre of the city. The site is located in a courtyard tightly enclosed by residential buildings on three sides. The building is designed as a seven story office block, comprising of three volumes wrapped loosely in a glass skin. The internal volumes are parallelograms and glazed, while the outer glass-skin of the building only approximates their shape, providing voids between the volumes and the outer façade. These voids act as buffer-space, and are used for panoramic lifts and an atrium. The concept behind this project is derived from the classic orangery where a glass skin acts as dynamic sculptural form containing the objects (trees) that define its function.

Project Details
Under Construction
Centre of Moscow
6500 m²
$25 mil
Structural Engineers - Engenuiti, MEP - Thornton Reynolds, Local Engineering Support - Fiorovanti
Offices, Car Park
Vasilis Argyropoulos, Michael Eichner, Soso Eliava, Davit Canava, Carmen Gallano, Magdalini Giannakidi, Joshua Harskamp, Petras Isora, Nikoloz Japaridze, Anton Khmelnitskiy, Ivane Ksnelashvili, Daniel Lareau, Nuria Lopez, Yakim Milev, Juan Moralles, Carlota Tarragona, Jon Wong, Ksenia Zizina