Villa D5

The house is organised around central double height livingroom and all the rooms interact with each other via thisroom. Thus there isno more corridorbut the central con-necting central ‘stage’ - where the living happens. In es-sence it is Catoptic Cistula - a reflection of family life - theplace where everyone meets and spends time together.

The site is located on an East facing slope of Lisi hill overlook-ing Tbilisi area of Saburtalo. The site slope has an average fall of7-9 meters. It is surrounded by mostly private residential buildings.Approach to the site is located from the West directly from theprivate road.The plot area is 1580 sq.m slightly trapezoidal shape. Urban re-strictions are applied to the red line boundary by 5m around theperimeter. The shape of the building follows the shape of the re-duced red line boundary, thus maximising the building plot area.

The building volume is perceived as one level house under a giantsingle roof. Although because of the steep slope it has a lowerground level as well. The road side façade is mainly blank solid butthe building opens up towards East and South.Main entrance to the house is situated from the West adjacentto the road. Narrow footpath meanders to the main entrance inthe middle of the house. Open garage with two car parking spacesis situated on the North-West corner. There is an access directlyfrom garage to the house.The single-family house has five bedrooms, a study and doubleheight living room with a mezzanine floor. There are three bed-rooms on the ground floor and two bedrooms on the lower groundfloor on the garden level. All bedrooms are oriented towards theEast. Master bedroom is situated on South-East corner with a viewtowards the city. It has direct access to the open courtyard as well.The kitchen has three side orientation with access to the centralopen courtyard area to the East (morning sunrise), city view to theSouth and outdoor dining area to the West (evening sunset).

The house is organised around the central living room, where allthe other functions are attached to it. The living room has fouroutdoor spaces on all four sides – main entrance alcove from theWest, Japanese garden from the North, morning sunrise terraceon the East and open courtyard to the South with a view. All the other functions share the outdoor spaces.The house is oriented towards the city view to the South. It has agigantic roof with different size sky lights to allow different day-light fall scenario. It feels as a single storey modest dwelling witha grandeur atmosphere inside.

Project Details
Concept Proposal
Tbilisi, Georgia
563 m²
$400 thousand
Eka Kankava, Nikoloz Japaridze, Davit Tsanava, Nika Kokaia