METRO Competition Finalist

Finalists of the competition for the design of two new Moscow metro stations are chosen! Despite the complexity of the task and the record number of applications, the jury selected the best ones who will continue to compete.
Nomination "Klenoviy bulvar 2" station:

1. Bureau Krupniy plan Бюро Крупный План LLC (Moscow, Russia);

2. Consortium led by Zaha Hadid Architects Ltd (London, UK)
Consortium members:
А-Проект.К Концерн "КРОСТ" (Moscow, Russia);
Arup Lighting (London, UK);
Systematica Srl (Milan, Italy);

3. ABTB АБТБ LLC (Moscow, Russia);

4. Blank Architects CJSC (Moscow, Russia)

5. Consortium led by Архитектурное бюро Воздух (Moscow, Russia)
Consortium members:
■ WP I ARC Plan GmbH (Hanover, Germany).

Nomination station "Prospect Marshala Zhukova":

1. ABTB LLC (Moscow, Russia);

2. Blank Architects CJSC (Moscow, Russia);

3. Asadov ARCHITECTURAL BUREAU Архитектурное Бюро Асадова LLC (Moscow, Russia);

4. Consortium led by Nowadays LLC (Moscow, Russia);
Consortium members:
Architects of Invention (London, UK);

5. Masterskaya Arhitekturnyh Prostranstv MAParchitects LLC (Moscow, Russia).

The initiator of the competition is Mosinzhproekt Мосинжпроект JSC, an operator of the Moscow metro Московский метрополитен development program. The competition is held with the support of the Moscow Government with the participation of the chief architect of Moscow Sergei Kuznetsov. The competition operator is the Agency CENTER.

Find more details at design-metro.ru/en

We congratulate the finalists and wish them success at the second stage of the competition!

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