Architects of Invention (AI) is an award-winning international partnership practicing contemporary architecture, urbanism, and design led by Nikoloz Japaridze. To accommodate a range of projects throughout the world, AI maintains offices in London and Tbilisi. Since it's establishment in 2010, AI has completed 13 buildings and produced more than 100 projects and collaborations.
We deliver on time and on budget. Our ambition is to establish an international practice by bringing innovative ideas and sustainable solutions across the world. Our method involves careful observation of a situation, a keen understanding of the environment and change through minimal intervention and recombination. We seek to establish positive rules creating enlivened, dynamic spaces that engage with societies. Architecture is for society and our simple aim is to improve living standards and quality of life, creating ease and enjoyment for users. We look for ways to design objects that can accommodate many functions simultaneously. Our credo is that material has no dimension and that scale is transcendence.
The practice has good international experience contributing to project in Chile, Switzerland, Germany, Canary Islands, Seychelles, India, Russia, China, Czech Republic, France, UK and Georgia. AI has successfully collaborated with many international clients and consultants. Its core consultants’ teams are established in the UK as well as in Georgia. AI has received numerous international Awards, has contributed to publications online and in-print, organised workshops and exhibitions. AI thrives to establish itself as a design led, contemporary experimental practice to test many new technologies and engage with new cultures and geographies. Architects, researchers, designers, model makers, industrial designers and graphic designers work in close collaboration, and expert consultants are intimately involved from the beginning of the design process.

AI has good experience in architectural services in the fields of architecture, renovation, reconstruction, preservation, repurposing, urban design and research. AI utilizes modern equipment, software and advanced visual instruments and have developed integrated, interconnected and rational methodologies and tools for architectural design. The practice is thriving to explore new technologies in producing coherent, efficient and accurate documentation.

The practice has around fifteen staff and collaborative freelance contractors in the UK, Georgia, Russia, Singapore, Portugal, Germany, Spain and Lithuania. Senior members of staff have professional qualifications in the UK and in Georgia. AI works under RIBA Standard Professional Services Terms & Conditions 2020: Architectural Services.

AI is involved in Architects Declare movement to tackle Climate Change and address environmental issues for producing sustainable and healthy architecture. AI has close collaboration with CLT and Glulam production companies BinderHolz, KLH in Austrial and Stora Enso in Finland and has core timber oriented structural engineers on board. AI is also involved in 3D construction printing solutions with COBOD.

AI is advocating sustainable, low energy, timber-hybrid and 3D concrete printed buildings.

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Stage of the RIBA Plan of Work 2020
RIBA Stages 0-7
0 – Strategic Definition (Brief)
1 – Preparation and Briefing (Feasibility)
2 – Concept Design (Pre-Planning)
3 – Spatial Coordination (Planning Application)
4 – Technical Design (Tender, Building Regulations Application)
5 – Manufacturing and Construction (Site Supervision, CDM)
6 – Handover (Snugging)
7 – Use
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